Douglas Rushkoff is American media theorist, writer, journalist and lecturer. He was named among the ‘ten most influential intellectuals in the world’, according to MIT.

Graduated from Princeton, he gains popularity as part of the cyber punk culture back in the 1990’s. He is also well-known for coining a lot of modern internet-related terms. He has been making documentaries for PBS with three award-winning works.

Rushkoff has written twenty books in the field of media, technologies and culture. Among these are ‘Media Virus’ (1995), ‘Coercion – why we listen to what ‘they’ say’ (1999), ‘Life Inc. How Corporations Conquered the World and How We Can Take It Back’ (2009), ‘Program or Be Programmed’ (2010), ‘Present Shock, When Everything Happens Now’ (2012), ‘Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus’ (2016).

Currently Rushkoff is a Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at City University, New York. He also works as radio host of the ‘Team Human’ podcast.