'Folk Tales From Italy' - stories from the sunny boot

‘Folk Tales from Italy’ is a collection of twenty three stories, selected among many Italian folkloristic sources. Many of the stories exist in several versions in the different parts of the country. ‘Via Lettera’ tried to present the most popular and exciting Italian folk tales to the Bulgarian young readers. The texts are suitable for children in the age group of 8 to 14.


The idea to present folk tales in a more modern and attractive way was born after the great success of our first collection of Bulgarian folk tales in English “Folk Tales & Fables from Bulgaria’. Getting to know at an early age the mentality and traditions of other people enriches children’s imagination and reveals whole new worlds to them.


The research, selection and preparation of the book took us more than a year. Apart from the sources, listed in the book, we used a number of Italian school textbooks well as online sources on Italian folklore. The graphic design of the book was inspired by some medieval Italian manuscripts, thus helping us create the best background for the selected stories.