The Hack, the European Union and the Future

There are several astrology charts for Bulgaria, as there are for any country, but one that rings true in 2019 is set for 10th November 1989 at 3.00pm in Sofia, when the old dictatorship fell and the new nation relaunched. With so many factors in Cancer and Capricorn, Bulgaria was always going to be affected by the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn in July 2019, and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer too.


We might normally assume that widespread data breaches, hacking and other classic computer or internet problems are the result of Mercury Retrograde. Especially in Cancer, the sign ruling families and property interests too - and the nation itself. What looks suspicious about Bulgaria in July 2019 is the eclipses. An eclipse is always a cover-up. The most notorious eclipses in history took place when Lee Harvey Oswald left his job, to move to Dallas, Texas (same day) months before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The others clustered around the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales and her untimely death in France.


So, there is more to Bulgaria's technical issues in July 2019 than first appears. Will we ever find out the whole truth? It seems unlikely, as eclipses mean 'forever' mysteries in history. Like jigsaw puzzles that have missing pieces for all time, those pictures are never filled in!


What we do know from this chart, though, is that in its own way, the July 2019 computer chaos is connected to the long-term reshaping of Bulgaria's relationship with the European Union. In fact, it begins at Christmas 2020 and deepens from the year 2023. We begin a New Age of Aquarius then (Aquarius rules groups and communities) and as Bulgaria is strongly Aquarian, she will have substantial choices to make about remaining in the old version of the E.U. or leaning towards a new one - or perhaps, even, a rival network of nations. 


The fall-out from July 2019 will not be fully known until January 2020, when we see a rare line-up in Capricorn and Cancer, which shows Bulgarians what they simply did not know six months before. This in turn will reshape her destiny with Brussels.


Jessica Adams/Copyright July 2019