Jessica, your book ‘Astrology 2020’ is now published in Bulgarian. What is the most important thing that Bulgarian readers should know about it?

Bulgaria is actually one of the old astrology countries of the world, having been strongly influenced by the Romans. Our astrology today comes from Ancient Rome and was exported to Bulgaria some 2000 years ago.

You make the distinction between modern and traditional astrology in your book. Are there many astrologers like you out there using all planets and asteroids from the Roman gods family? And how did this approach change your work?

Very few astrologers use the whole Roman/Latin family tree of astrology but I would not dream of writing my horoscope features for Vogue, Elle or Cosmopolitan without it. I began to do this in 2006 after astronomers promoted Ceres (formerly an asteroid) to a planet. 

I have been following your astrological work for many years now and I have to say that I was amazed when your prediction on Brexit came true. Tell us more about that moment, how did you experience it through the responses on your site?

Thank you. I had British readers pouring onto my website in the early hours of the morning, from all over the country, who were not only shocked by the accurate prediction, but also the fact that I had foreseen electrical storms and lighting too.

Bulgarians might be baffled by your predictions about the future of EU and the euro. Having seen the star chart of modern Bulgaria, how do you think these developments may affect us?

The European Union will break up and Bulgaria will be able to choose which new collection of other nations she wishes to join. It begins at Christmas 2020 and from 2023 Europe is redrawn.

In your book you encourage people to read and interpret their own star charts. Most people would probably find it very challenging. What is your advice? Where to start from?

I am teaching astrology for beginners from January 2019. Free to Premium Members! The course will run for 12 months.

What is the role of the astrologer?     

History repeats and astrologers noticed. We can learn from the same cycles over time, even if it was 2000 years ago (aspects of the Roman Empire will repeat from 2020). Time is a very strange business as any scientist will tell you. Astrologers use the alternative timekeeping of circular or ‘round’ time which means we can predict the future and see it in terms of the past. That’s incredibly useful for people with love, money, friendship, work, family and special goals.


What are your plans for 2018? Are you working on a new book?

I am working on Pamela’s Tarot, a book about Pamela Colman Smith.

What did you know about Bulgaria before we started working on the Bulgarian edition of ‘Astrology 2020’?

My friend Jo is a perfume author and expert (Jo Fairley, based in Hastings, Great Britain) and as I was house-sitting for her, I was reading a great deal about Bulgaria and her famous roses. I’m happy to say the future looks very rosey for her if she focusses on female-led business too.