Published by Via Lettera Ltd.
Author: Diana Nikolova
Cover: Milena Radeva
ISBN paperback edition: 978-619-7204-17-9

Year of publication: 2021
168 pages
Format:  140 x 200 mm



We often talk about the deep roots of Christian faith in this country. We are addicted to clichés about the traditional Bulgarian values and our eternal moral norms. But how did our ancestors really imagine the creation of the world? What was God’s part in their daily life? Is there any correspondence between the teachings of the church about the Christian canon and the widely spread ideas of God and the divine among the Bulgarians?

This collection contains seventy stories from the Bulgarian folklore that reveal the essence of our ancestors’ religious beliefs. Here you can read legends of God’s wisdom, the pursuit of faith, the common attitude of Bulgarians towards Christian saints, the hesitant trust of ordinary people in the church and its representatives, the fight for justice, or the realities of afterlife.

Immerse yourself in the lost world of old Bulgaria when God still lived on earth and helped people make their personal choice between good and evil.